Spring Cleaning Next Week

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Pull on the gardening gloves and clean out your window boxes – it’s time to clean up where you work and live.

Spring’s arrival means local housing areas in Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern get busy to make their buildings shine.


From May 13 -17 housing residents coordinate building and grounds clean-up.

Each building coordinator ensures participation and gathers any tools or supplies that are needed from the SHIP store – Bldg. 7802 on Hainerberg.

Building coordinators may pick up their flower vouchers, one per building, between 7:30 am and noon or 12:45 pm and 3 pm from Silvia Williams at Bldg. 1059 at Clay Kaserne.

If building coordinators are unable to pick up the vouchers, they may authorize someone to pick up. The authorization must be in writing and brought to the pick up site.

Call (0611) 143 548 4410 for additional details.


Base clean-up is divided into days – offices and residences.

May 14

Keep the office and work areas tidy this day with gathering trash or debris in bio safe bags for collection by 786 CES.

In addition, a paper shredding station will be set up from 8 am to 3 pm at RAB Aquatics Center.

May 15

Residence areas are the focus on this day.  Residents can gather their green trimmings from garden area clean up in bio safe bags for pick up.

Each housing AOR will be assigned a rally point leaders who will coordinate the distribution and collection of additional supplies needed.

For more information, call TSgt Daniel Bailey DSN 489-7200 or email at Daniel.Baily.9@us.af.mil

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