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No matter where you are stationed, it’s important to feel like you are home.

Everythingaroundus.com serves the military, federal civilian and contracting community as they fulfill their duty with the U.S. military.

As a veteran-owned business, we take our role as a one-stop community portal seriously

We’ve been where you are – in a new location, feeling a little lost and looking for some tips, tricks, and news.

We created this site so everyone who finds themselves in a new city, state or country can find the latest news, what’s happening around base & in the community, school contacts and directory listings/reviews.

Membership is FREE and allows you to view all information on the site, and even add your own reviews!

Enhanced memberships allow you to sell household items directly, post vehicles for sale and showcase your rental and for sale properties.

Our goal is to ensure everyone feels connected to their community and can extend that feeling to others.

Welcome to Everythingaroundus.com!

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