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Rodney Williams, owner of Everything Around Us and Curb 2 Curb Transport, will be at the Commissary on Hainerberg receiving entries for a gift card drawing. 

Each Saturday in December, members of the military community can enter the drawing which is held on December 28th. 

As shoppers fill out the entry form, they can also opt-in to free membership with Everythingaroundus.com. This site serves the community as a news and event portal for the Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern communities. 

Residents on base and in the Wiesbaden or Kaiserslautern area may recognize the Curb 2 Curb logo and red truck. Williams has been assisting our community members and the Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club, Inc. Thrift Shop for months – even being named the Thrift Shop Volunteer of the Month in June

For the past two years, Williams has provided the quarterly gift card giveaway as a way to give back to the community he calls home. 

“I wanted to create businesses that could serve this community,” Williams said. “I believe in giving back, too so this quarterly giveaway is in line with my values and the values we hold as company.”

Click here  or call 0176-999-61834 for more information about hiring Curb 2 Curb Transport. Email outreach@everythingaroundus.com to share upcoming news and events in the Wiesbaden and KMC area. 




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