EAU and Curb 2 Curb Transport Donate to Wiesbadan Scholarships


Community support remains at the core of EverythingAroundUs and Curb 2 Curb Transport as each company donates scholarships through the Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club, Inc.

Each company will contribute $250 toward scholarships for those seeking continuing education for the fields focused on community service – a total of $500.

“It’s really important to me to show that we appreciate those who go into community service fields,” said owner and operator of both companies, Rodney Williams. “Sometimes community service roles can get overlooked, but those roles are essential and deserve to be recognized.”

Scholarships through the WCSC are open through February 21st and all procedures can be found on their website.

The WCSC has provided scholarships to the community for more than 30 years, said Brandy Schraeder, Scholarship Chairperson. Each year the number of applicants vary, but over the last several years it has gradually increased. Last year there were 65 applicants, the most ever recorded, she said.

“The WCSC is fortunate enough to have the capacity to fundraise all year round with the proceeds made by the Thrift Shop and our Annual Gala which enables our organization to give back to our community in the form of Grants, Gifts, Outreach & Scholarships,” Schraeder added.

The Gala en Blanc, a Scholarship Jubilee raised $8,960 from auction and opportunity sales on February 1st at the Community Activity Center. Auction and opportunity prizes were donated from individuals, groups and organizations around the Wiesbaden area.

“Having outside organizations like Curb 2 Curb and EverythignAroundUs is extra special because it shows how important other organizations value education. These scholarships make it possible for our community to recognize students that work hard in and out of the classroom,” Schraeder said.

WCSC 2019-2020 President, Laura Duncan added that providing scholarships to high school and continuing education students allows WCSC to enrich and positively impact Garrison community members.

Scholarships are scored carefully by a committee. Items considered include:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Current/previous academic record (Transcripts & Exam Results)
  • Volunteer, and Community Involvement
  • Employment and Extracurricular Activities
  • Honors, Awards and Achievements
  • Completed Essay

Once each application is scored 5 times, the top score and lowest score are thrown out and the average of the 3 scores is the students final score. Scholarships will be presented during a special ceremony in May.

Community service isn’t something unfamiliar to Williams or the companies he operates. Curb 2 Curb Transport and EverythingAroundUs served as the sponsors for the USO Wiesbaden Christmas Tree Giveaway in 2019. More than 20 families brought home beautiful, live trees. Plus various community groups decorated additional donated trees for the USO Winterfest.

Curb 2 Curb Transport offered reduced rate and free transport of furniture items during the WCSC Thrift Shop move over the summer as well.

EverythingAroundUs is a developing on-line source for community news and events.

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