Curb 2 Curb Among Volunteers for WCSC Thrift Shop Move

Curb 2 Curb van

Dozens of volunteers pack and transport some of the last remaining items at the Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club Thrift Shop from Mainz Kastel to Hainerberg. Among those volunteers is local transport company, Curb 2 Curb.

Volunteers are still needed as the Thrift Shop prepares for the Grand Opening on Saturday, June 8 at 9:30 am.

Volunteers interested in helping with sorting, pricing, assembling fixtures and cleaning are invited to contact Thrift Shop manager Grace Lauer through the Facebook page.

May 30th marks the last day the Mainz Kastel shop will be open for business. The new location, at the former PX building in Lower Hainerberg, has been accepting donations and consignments for the past two weeks.

Donations are brought to the back of the building and consignments are brought to the front entrance of the building. Please only bring in items during normal business hours.

As PCS season starts, let Curb 2 Curb assist you in the transport of your goods in the Wiesbaden and KMC areas.


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