Babysitter Training Set for This Weekend

babysitting class students

babysitting class students


Summer break draws near and many teens prepare for summer jobs serving as child care providers.

The American Red Cross Wiesbaden currently has open slots for the certified Babysitter Training course scheduled for April 27th from 9 am to 3 pm.

“The participants are learning what is vital in childcare,” said Regan Jefferson, program manager.

Learn the Basics

Each month, the training allows for youth to learn about pediatric CPR, general care and First Aid.

Participants are between the ages of 11 and 18 and complete an online section of the course before the live group (up to 10 youth) session.

“We have some great, certified volunteers willing to share their knowledge and answer any questions participants have about proper care,” Jefferson added.

The online portion of the course should be completed prior to the live class so the participants can be prepared with any questions. During the interactive class, the participants will demonstrate their knowledge of the information presented.

“They will be called upon to re-enact the first aid scenarios,” Jefferson said. “We’ll ask them to show the response to a choking scenario or a how to properly call emergency services on and off-base.”

In addition to the childcare and First Aid lessons, the training also reviews with youth how to interview with the families and how to interact with them.

How To Enroll

The class costs $60 for the two-year certification – nearly a 50% discount compared to classes offered Stateside.

While the certification is not required for youth babysitters, it’s highly encouraged that all childcare providers complete the course.

Participants receive their certification, a DVD and handbook about childcare for future reference, and the lists of local emergency contacts. In addition, participants learn:

  • Basic Care for Infants and Children
  • Basic First Aid
  • Child Behavior
  • Age-Appropriate Activities
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Growing Your Business

“We want our babysitters to be confident and the parents to feel comfortable with hiring our youth as babysitters,” Jefferson said.

Classes for adults and youth will also be offered in May, however, no official date has been selected.




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