AWAG Seminar Encourages Professional Development

Improving leadership skills and strengthening our community leaders are the focus of the AWAG Wiesbaden Area Seminar on Monday, January 27th at the Community Activity Center.

Throughout the day, registered attendees participate in informative and dynamic classes led by fellow community members and professionals.

Deborah Casey, 2019-2020 AWAG Wiesbaden Community Area Representative, has been hooked on the benefits of the organization since she began attending their seminars in the mid 1990s.

“I loved the interaction with other volunteers, the sharing of ideas, and the brainstorming! A number of our volunteers are professionals and unable to find work here, so they avail themselves and their valuable knowledge to AWAG,” Casey said. “They do that by volunteering to serve on the board or by speaking at our seminars. I have learned a lot from these fellow volunteers by being apart of the AWAG community.”

The history of Americans Working Around the Globe, AWAG, has changed names and focus since it’s origins in 1946. It began as an organization that helped to coordinate the distribution of relief aid sent by stateside clubs and church groups to post-war Germany.

As an organization, AWAG strives to provide unique opportunities to help leaders obtain training and guidance that helps them govern their organizations more effectively. Attendance is open to all community members who register and have base access.

“This is my second year on the AWAG board. I have found it to be an organization that is really focused on educating and providing networking opportunities for people living in areas where it might be more difficult to have professional opportunities,” said Christina Cavoli, who is also a speaker at the event.

The primary focus is to train, strength, & connect our volunteers from all different local groups, organizations, and clubs. This year’s speakers are bringing a diverse selection to our area seminar.

“AWAG Leadership capitalizes on finding an amazing amount of talent within our community and giving this diverse group a place to share their knowledge,” Cavoli said. “There is a professional focus but also a community focus on how we can all contribute to and improve our communities. The symposia are also great opportunities for attendants to meet new people with similar professional and community interests.”

Criteria for speakers varies. Some are recommended by other community members, or other speakers, some reach out and volunteer to speak, others have shared their knowledge of a subject and then have been a asked to present at a local seminar. Some are right here in our own community and others may come from other areas in Europe to speaker.

“I was lucky enough this year to have all the speakers for our local seminar right here, in our own Wiesbaden community,” Casey said. “We try to have speakers that can help with issues that are pertinent to our community.”

Interested attendees can register here.

Please dress in business attire and bring a copy of your resume to share and get feedback on during the session, which also includes lunch.

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